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Cladding Information
Single Skin Cladding Systems

OZ - UK Capital Steel Buildings use Steadman's AS range to provide a quick, trouble free & weatherproof building envelope. The AS range is available in a wide range of colours and with the option of five different profiles, more if you consider that some of these profiles can be supp-lied as a reverse profile almost doubling the range. The AS30 Sheeting can also be supplied with Anti-Condensation Barrier which when used for a Single Skin Steel Building ensures that condensation is not an issue.



Composite Pannel Cladding Systems

OZ - UK Capital Steel Buildings use Steadman's AS35 Composite Pannel to provide an Insulated Steel Building envelope that will meet all you Industrial Steel Cladding needs.


AS35 roof and wall panels are manufactured in a process certified to ISO 9001:2000.

AS35 roof and wall panels have been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and comply with the requirements of LPS 1181:2003. Part 1: Issue 1 - “Requirements and tests for built-up cladding and sandwich panel systems for use as the external envelope of buildings”.

AS35 Composite is available in 40mm, 60mm & 80mm options each designed to give 1m coverage.




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Anti-Condensation Barrier


The Dripstop Drain solution
Dripstop Drain is a self-adhesive polyester fleece designed to be applied to single-skin metal roof panels to prevent damage from condensation.

Dripstop Drain:

  • slows the formation of condensate by insulating the sheeting;
  • prevents condensate dripping from the underside of the roof;
  • drains condensate safely down the slope of the roof to a gutter.


Dripstop Drain is inended for roofs of 7° pitch or greater: the drainage rate is greater on steeper pitches.

Technical description
Dripstop Drain consists of a woven polyester fleece with self-adhesive polyethylene film backing.

Dripstop Drain does not support the growth of bacteria and moulds.

Weight 150 g/m²
Thickness 1.7 mm
Roll width (maximum) 1950 mm
Colour White/black mix
Water absorption - fleece only > 700 g/m²
Water absorption - installed: > 1900 g/m²
Drainage after one hour:
roof pitch 7°
roof pitch 10°
roof pitch 25°

>10 %
> 15 %
> 40 %

Dripstop Drain is applied to AS30 and AS13/3 sheeting during the manufacturing process.


Dripstop Drain can be cleaned by pressure washing.

Ventair Louvred Wall Cladding



  • Louvred both sides for maximum ventilation
  • Extra wide airflow passage
  • Increased airflow in comparison to Yorkshire Boarding
  • Suitable for all types of metal cladding projects


The Steadman Ventair wall cladding sheet has been developed to meet the agricultural industry's need for really effective ventilation.


With louvres on both sides of the sheet the airflow has been increased to generate an even greater movement of fresh air.


The combination of the Ventair wall cladding sheet with the absorbent qualities of drain dripstop condensation control fleece or AS6 Fibre Cement roofing sheet provides an effective guard against the build up of the corrosive cocktail of animal gases, waste and the condensation created by damp and humid conditions generated by over-wintering livestock.


Ventair is not limited to agricultural buildings, it can also be successfully specified for a variety of other applications where natural ventilation is required.